George Sarrade

Hi, I'm George Sarrade

I’m a Senior UX → UI Digital Designer living in Charlotte, NC

I’ve been fortunate to do great work with great companies and amazing teams. The three below led to huge growth on my part and I'm proud of my work.



As the Lead UX / UI designer for the premier surf weather app in the world, I created seamless user experiences that functioned as beautifully as they looked. I collaborated with our research team to maintain a laser focus on the user, incorporating focus group feedback into every aspect of our design.

Photo: Marion Michele



My first iPhone inspired me to change my career path from interactive advertising to app and kiosk design. StudioPMG was designing and building great apps for clients in the medical industry. In 2010, I joined the team as a Sr. Art Director. I helped them land Toyota for the LA auto show app and we were invited to pitch a concept for their internal Innovation Fair.




Who is DONER? if you've ever heard of ZOOM ZOOM, you know the work. Doner wasn't my first job in design but it was the first job that taught me about the power of late nights and good design.

Photo: Ivan Jevtic

I’ve also had the privilege of freelancing for these companies.


I am a devotee of experiences both in my work and in my play. My move to Charlotte brings more than a change of location.

I transitioned to a new role as Sr Digital Designer at Red Ventures where I create consistent and seamless experiences for our broad portfolio of Fintech products.

I also began training in Muay Thai kickboxing, a sport that requires a similar attention to detail and coordination.

Previously, I was the Lead UX/UI Designer at Surfline where I led the effort to overhaul our app and optimize mobile functionality while enhancing the features fans rely on.

I know that the best user experiences are the ones where apps and products work every time.

That is my singular goal.

George Sarrade

Mobile: 714-366-1297


Lead UX / UI Designer


Products researched, prototyped, tested and shipped:

iOS App 3.0, 4.0, 5.0Surfline Style GuideResponsive Subscription FunneliOS In-App Purchase FlowResponsive Forecaster AdminiOS Regional Forecast Desktop Regional ForecastSurfline End-to-End Experience

Surfline iOS App (Left: 4.0, Right: 5.0)

My Role with the App

iOS 3.0 to 5.0

Taking on the Surfline app was a rewarding challenge. The users are passionate, vocal and they range from young to old, novice to experts. Within those demographics were independent Deadliest Catch type surf forecasters that weren't afraid to tell you what they thought about a flashy new design. That was incredibly helpful. We incorporated their authentic feedback into every new iteration and after watching hours and hours of research sessions about many different products, I could tell that we were heading to a great place. Every significant product went through design sprints that lasted the standard 3-5 days. After the design sprints, the prototypes were raw but made functional with Invision or Flinto.

The Squad Roster

Squad iOS App 3.0 - 4.0

1 Designer (Me)
1 Product Manager
3 Engineers

Squad iOS App 5.0

2 Designers (Me +1)
2 Product Manager
6+ Engineers

Managing the Journey


The initial process was in line with today’s human-centered design best practices.

Our design sprints involved science team members, engineers, forecasters, researchers, and designers. This led to lengthy sessions of passionate debate.

When we neared the end of the sprint, the enthusiasm continued through the testing. Once we tested, we phrased the question to ask whether to retest our hypothesis or to ship.

We also learned that shipping a new product was at times the best user research. Case in point: what was to go first, the new map navigation or the favorites menu? We shipped with the new map as the opening screen, and the immediate reaction was overwhelmingly negative. Everyone wanted the favorites back, and the comments ranged from asking nicely to "fire everyone." We didn't fire everyone, we just moved favorites back to where it was.






Repeat or ship?


From 2013 - 2017, I led the team on enabling Surfline's first In-App Purchase subscription to the new AM/PM Regional Forecast and map experience. Here are a few key screens.

iOS 4.0 In-App Purchase


In 2014, I moved away from using Fireworks, Axure, and Omnigraffle. I started using Sketch. Sketch was simple and fast and that's what our prototype process needed. Here are some early wire frames from 2016 for the current Surfline iOS app in the store.

The New Surfline Wireframe 5.0

The Final Product

iOS App of the Day


My Role with the Forecaster Admin

Wireframed, Prototyped, and Designed

Surfline forecasters were left in the dust when it came to product upgrades. Over many years, they adapted to it despite endless pain points. Our team decided to streamline their process. We were able to design and incorporate tools that would decrease the time it took to create the forecast. This extra time ultimately led the Surfline product to a new feature. that resulted in increasing premium subscriptions, helping surfers score better waves and best of all, giving the forecasters the confidence that they could concentrate on what mattered. Premium users would now have access to the AM and PM forecast for 17 Days.

USER QUOTE: “The lack of auto saving leads forecasters to experience some stress because it means they may lose hours of work if there is a glitch within the tool or instability with the network connectivity”

USER QUOTE: “There is pressure to deliver both an accurate and timely report, especially in the morning, which may be hindered if work gets lost”


Wireframes & Prototypes



and After

NEW FORECASter cam dashboard


Spot Cam & Regional Report → Buoys → Wind Alert Models + auto save :) + BONUS FEATURE: APPLY ALL

The new forecaster admin was more efficient, intuitive and much easier to view. It doubled the speed for the forecaster and this allowed us to deliver the new PM surf report to the premium subscriber.

What I'm most proud of

The app receiving a 5 star rating during my tenureDesigning the new forecaster admin for our forecasting teamWinning Most Humble Employee award in December 2016


Senior Interactive Art Director


Products Designed, Pitched and Shipped:

Toyota Autoshow Wheel Stand AppToyota App Wheels (Innovation Fair)Toyota Owners App PitchEdwards Lifescience Heart Valve Therapy AppBoston Scientific CPS Ipad app

I was designing apps that sold everything from Camrys to Heart Valves.

My Role

This was my first role as a Manager / Lead Designer and I was fortunate to have such a talented team. This was also the first time where I learned to delegate in order to let my teammates own different aspects of the project. I maintained ownership of the overall effort and never hesitated to jump into the trenches when needed. Here are few selected projects that I am most proud of.

The Team

1 Creative Director
1 Senior Art Director / Designer (Me)
2-3 Designers
2 CG Artist
3+ Engineers

Selected Work

2012 Toyota Auto Wheel Stand Ipad App

Edwards Life Sciences HVT Ipad App

Boston Scientific Central Points App



Interactive Art Director


I was the Interactive Art Director on every Mazda digital campaign from 2005-2010. All of that work consisted of micro-sites, display ads and social media creative.

My other duties involved crafting new and engaging creative for the agency to capture new business like Amazon, Roy's Hawaiian Restaurant and Del Taco.


Display Ads are not typically welcome on our screens and I agree, they can be intrusive. However in 2005, I was creating serious eye candy in crazy and distinctive ad formats. I pushed the rich media units as far the creative and size limits would allow, these ads were like microsites with 360º views and dealer locators.

These experiences illuminated my passion for problem solving and showcasing the solutions in an innovative and elegant presentation. I love a challenge and I love creating great products with a great team even more.

Thanks for viewing my work,